Is my information secure?


JUYI is a highly secure clinical record system, which means that only doctors, nurses and others who are involved in your care are authorised to access your records.

By law, everyone working in, or on behalf of the NHS, must respect your privacy and keep all information about you safe. Your JUYI record will be viewed via a secure and encrypted system that meets NHS security standards.

The system keeps a record of everyone who has accessed a patient record, the time and date when they accessed it and the information they were viewing. The laws on data protection are clear and we take them very seriously. Regular checks are made to make sure that only people who need to see your patient record are viewing it.

Doctors, nurses and others involved in your care will be able to see your JUYI record. These individuals will only see the information they need in order to provide you with care. Your data will not be shared with anyone who is not providing you with treatment, care or support, or authorised persons involved in the management of the system. This means that your data will not be made public or passed on to any third party not directly involved in your care.

All current legislation and guidance on confidentiality, including the Data Protection Act, has been met, and all organisations sharing or viewing your data have signed a detailed information sharing agreement.

Under the Article 15 GDPR, you can ask to see any information that organisations like the NHS hold about you. This includes copies of paper, electronic and hybrid patient health records. Contact your care provider(s) to request access to your health or social care records or contact the JUYI team for information about what is included in and which user or category of user has accessed your JUYI record.

The JUYI Privacy Notice (Updated October 2020) tells you more about what information is included and how it is used.