What is shared about me?

The shared information will typically include the kind of details that different health teams are often sharing already through telephone calls, letters and faxes. JUYI makes this information available in a secure, view-only, electronic format.

The types of information include:

  • Medication and any changes to it made by a clinician
  • Medical conditions
  • Operations/treatment received
  • Contact details for next-of-kin and others involved in care
  • Tests that GPs or hospital clinicians have requested or carried out
  • Appointments (past and planned) and recent visits to out-of-hours GPs and minor injury and illness units
  • Documents, such as care plans and letters about treatment (for example “discharge summaries” following a hospital stay).



What is not shared?

JUYI does not contain sensitive information relating to sexual health, termination of pregnancy, HIV status or fertility treatment.

An information-sharing control group (including clinicians, data protection specialists and patient group representatives) has been set up to control and monitor which information is shared and who should see it. The group will review any changes to the way the information might be used and ensure this is done in line with the Data Protection Act.

As treatment within the NHS develops, use of this information might allow health and social care professionals to improve the quality of your health and care services, ensuring they are safe, effective and well managed. Details of any developments will be published on this website.