Data is now available from Primary Care and Gloucestershire Health & Care; click on the links below to see the full datasets:


GHFT Information

All users can see information from GHFT via Trakcare for the following categories.

  • Demographics
  • Admissions/Discharges
  • Inpatient Data
  • Outpatient Data
  • Referrals
  • Radiology


GP Out of Hours Information

Patient information from the Gloucestershire Out of Hours Service will be available in JUYI from 29th November 2021

All users will be able to view realtime post-event patient data from the Out of Hours (OOH) service within JUYI.

This includes:

  • OOH care events including appointments in the OOH hubs and home visits.
  • History, Presenting complaint, Diagnosis and Treatments including any medicines prescribed and outcome of each appointment.
  • The free text clinical noting associated with each appointment is also viewable for the first time in JUYI.