JUYI is the online system giving health and care staff across Gloucestershire instant and secure access to select parts of patients’ health and social care information for the purposes of direct care.

Information from GP’s, hospitals, community, mental health and social care is brought together via a portal accessible from within your native electronic patient system. For an Introduction to JUYI, watch the video below

An Introduction to JUYI

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  • JUYI is an aid to clinical assessment
  • Your clinical judgement and history taking remains paramount
  • Access to JUYI is for Direct Patient Care only

JUYI selects and blends information from multiple care providers, there will be instances where the electronic records within JUYI may be:

  • Incomplete
  • Out of date
  • Incorrect
  • Absent

It is also important to remember that:

  • JUYI records are only available for individuals registered with a Gloucestershire GP
  • Individuals may have opted out of sharing their record or part of it
  • Not all clinical systems can share all their information at present
  • A clinical system may be off-line or otherwise unavailable
  • Historic information depends on how long electronic records have been in place
  • JUYI will display information as it was entered; if it was entered incorrectly, it will be displayed incorrectly


Access to JUYI is role based via NHS Smartcard and is restricted to certified health care professionals in Secondary Care and additionally to staff involved in direct patient care in Primary Care.

Access is monitored and disciplinary / legal action will be considered in relation to inappropriate use.

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For a quick overview of JUYI and the functionality available have a look at the Quick Reference Guide