What patient information is available through JUYI?

The information available in JUYI is constantly expanding.

For the most up to date information go to JUYI Data Sets.

How reliable is the medical information?

Information is entered on the source clinical system by NHS personel with the correct permissions. As with all medical information clinical judgement should be used when viewing and making decisions based on the information.

Are patients aware of JUYI? Have they already consented?

We mailed out to all patients registered with a GP in Gloucestershire in 2016 with details of JUYI, giving them the option to opt out of sharing their information, using the implied informed consent model.

Since the mail out, new patients who have registered at GP practices will have been asked if they want to opt out of sharing their information when joining the practice.

With the new GDPR legislation, JUYI is moving from the implied informed consent model to the legal basis of sharing for medical purposes; however, patients still have the opportunity to object to sharing.

What can I do if the patient is not present?

The ‘Access to JUYI screen’ enables you to record the appropriate justification for opening a record for the delivery of a person’s direct care or treatment. See Access to JUYI screen

Direct care does not mean that the person has to be present.

How can I be sure I am looking at the right person?

The JUYI patient record will be shown ONLY if the NHS number and date of birth are matched with the central NHS Spine.

Other demographic differences e.g. address / phone numbers will be displayed within JUYI.

Is the data live?

Not all native clinical systems can share live data. If you click on the icon on the red or green banner it will inform you of when the information was last updated.

A red cross in place of the green tick means that the information is not available from that source or is older than usual.

JUYI is an aid to usual history taking and clinical judgment is required. Do check with the subject of the record where possible.

How far back is information available within JUYI?

JUYI can only display digital information. Information from paper records is not included in JUYI unless it is also entered digitally.

There are many electronic patient records (EPR) used in Gloucestershire across all the providers. GPs started using electronic patient records at scale in 2003 with a sharp increase in uptake over the following few years. That compared to the latest electronic patient system in Gloucestershire which was implemented in 2016. Not all providers entered data retrospectively in their EPR. This means that for the great majority of patients there will be information available in paper format and therefore not available to view via JUYI.

It is simpler to state that JUYI does not display a complete history for patients and does not replace usual history taking.