Who can access JUYI?

Initially, health care professionals from urgent care services will be able to access JUYI in a phased roll out.

Access is restricted to clinical staff only with particular smart card roles. The decision about who has access to JUYI was taken by the JUYI Project Board and the rules apply for all partners involved and were agreed through the Gloucestershire Information Governance Group.

Although it may be seen as time saving for admin roles to access JUYI, it is felt important that clinicians look at and interpret the information as there could be missing or out of date data and clinical judgement is needed.

From an Information Governance perspective, GDPR gives the right for any clinician involved in direct patient care to access this information, this does not include admin staff.

Access will extend to social care professionals and other non-urgent services in later phases of the project.

Click here to see which teams have access to JUYI.

Is the data used for any other purpose?

No, the data is for direct patient care only. Access is audited and disciplinary/legal action will be considered in relation to inappropriate use.

Is access audited?

Yes, access is monitored and records are kept of when a record was accessed and by whom. Disciplinary and/or legal action will be considered in relation to inappropriate use.

The JUYI Information Sharing and Access Control Reference Group (ISACG) will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing information sharing activity to ensure that it is appropriate.

Can I access a deceased patient's record?

No. You will be informed the person is deceased only. No clinical information will be displayed.

Can JUYI be accessed by any health care professionals outside of Gloucestershire?

Not yet, however it is in the pipeline to get information from and share with health and social care providers bordering Gloucestershire in the future. JUYI is being designed to be compatible with neighbouring interoperability solutions, for example Bristol’s Connecting Care, Oxfordshire Care Summary, Worcestershire’s Well Connected; to allow cross border sharing where it makes sense.

Do all patients have a JUYI record?

To have a JUYI record the patient must be registered with a Gloucestershire GP. The patient may have objected to sharing their information through JUYI, in which case no record will exist.

Do patients have access to JUYI?

Not at the moment, although there are national developments / aspirations by NHS Digital in this area, i.e. access via the NHS App etc.

Will JUYI develop to offer more medical information?

Yes. There will be regular reviews and additions to the information available within JUYI and the services that can access the information.

If you have a particular request please contact the JUYI team: glccg.glosdt@nhs.net

What data will I be able to see?

The current data sets that are available on JUYI can be seen here.

Can I print out the patient record?

Initially no. This is being considered in relation to services that still use paper records.

What is the difference between JUYI & SCR?