The Access to JUYI screen displays the patient’s demographic details so you can check you are viewing the correct patient.

It also displays the key clinical safety and information governance messages to remember when using JUYI.

Access to JUYI is permissible for direct care only (for the person’s own diagnosis, treatment or management of health and social care needs).

The Caldicott Review defined direct patient care as a clinical, social or public health activity concerned with the prevention, investigation and treatment of illness and the alleviation of suffering of individuals. It includes supporting individuals’ ability to function and improve their participation in life and society. It includes the assurance of safe, high-quality care and treatment through local audit, the management of untoward or adverse incidents, person satisfaction including measurement of outcomes undertaken by one or more registered health or social care professionals and their team with whom the individual has a legitimate relationship for their care.

Use is subject to the duty of confidentiality. Access is monitored and disciplinary or legal action will be considered in relation to inappropriate use.


  • Electronic records may be incomplete, out of date, incorrect or missing
  • Clinical judgement remains paramount


Before you press Continue:

Check you are viewing the correct patient

  • NHS number and DOB is matched against the NHS Spine.

Access to JUYI quick reference guide can be found here: