How to access JUYI

JUYI is accessed through your clinical source system:


  • Access to JUYI is role based and is currently restricted to health and social care professionals working in urgent care services.
  • A spine smartcard is required to log in.
  • Access is allowed for direct care only, that is for the person’s own care and treatment.


Users will need one of the following roles on their spine smartcard to be able to access JUYI:

  • R8000 Clinical Practitioner Access Role
  • R8001 Nurse Access Role
  • R8003 Health Professional Access Role
  • R8004 Healthcare Student Access Role
  • R8016 Midwife Access Role


A patient will have a JUYI record if:

  • they are registered with a Gloucestershire GP
  • they have not objected to sharing their information
  • their NHS number and date of birth match on the NHS Spine


JUYI will launch at the Access to JUYI screen

The JUYI Quick reference guide (web version) gives an overview of JUYI and the functionality available.

The JUYI training video covers the important points to remember when using JUYI along with a demonstration of how to access JUYI and what you will see.

The information that is currently available on JUYI can be found here:

Click here to find out how to request access for new user groups.