How to Access JUYI from Primary Care – SystmOne and EMIS

JUYI will be available to SystmOne Practices from 7th September 2021 / EMIS Practices from 30th Sept

(Access to JUYI is handled differently for SystmOne and EMIS Practices – see points 1 & 2 below respectively)

The Digital Transformation Team is pleased to announce that Primary Care practices can now use Gloucestershire’s local shared care record, JUYI (Joining Up Your Information), to access a growing range of patient-specific information from across our clinical community.

Note: Only patients registered with a Gloucestershire Primary Care practice, and who have not opted out, will have a JUYI record.

For more information about JUYI in Primary Care, sign up to our Primary Care webinars on the  28th of September or 5th October by emailing

1     SystmOne practices: How can I start using JUYI?

  • Please ask your practice system administrator to follow the instructions in this link to add the JUYI icon to all SystmOne PCs in your practice
  • Once you have completed the installation, you can access JUYI by clicking the blue icon in SystmOne on top right of patient record when you have logged in using your smartcard.
  • Only users with clinical codes on their Smartcard will be able to access JUYI

2     EMIS practices: How can I start using JUYI?

  • Unlike SystmOne, access for EMIS practices is via a JUYI icon on the desktop and not from within EMIS. The JUYI icon will be deployed to EMIS practice desktops from 29th September.
  • Only users with clinical codes on their Smartcard will be able to access JUYI
  • When  logged in with your Smartcard, just click the JUYI icon on your desktop
  • A box will appear and you will need to enter a valid NHS Number and the patients DOB > Go and the patient’s JUYI record (if one is available) will open.





Who has access to JUYI?

Access is currently limited to Clinical Staff only via a NHS Smartcard. 

Access requires an NHS smartcard. Smartcards hold contain clinical roles and the following roles have been granted access to JUYI if they are working at your practice:

  • Clinical roles covering all doctors and nursing staff undertaking similar activities
  • Generic Health Professional role covering all allied healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare students
  • Midwives
  • Caldicott Guardians.

How different is JUYI to SCR and GP Connect?

  •  Summary Care Record and GP Connect are national patient records available within healthcare settings that contain only Primary Care data.
  • JUYI is a local care record that includes a much wider data set, from various health providers across the county.
  • JUYI will also be available to social care as well as health professionals.

 If you have any questions or need any support with installation, please email

Information Governance and Audit

Practices can access the JUYI Audit function to review access by their staff. (As JUYI is only accessible via the specific SystmOne patient record, therefore  your usual SystmOne audit process may provide the same information).

Analysis of audit data is best undertaken at local level where better knowledge of staff and context of access would be available. The practice should assign overall responsibility for auditing to a senior staff member, e.g. IG Lead, Privacy Officer or equivalent, in the same manner as with existing systems.

The JUYI audit functionality is currently enabled for members of staff with a Privacy Officer Code on their Smartcard. Click here for details on accessing the Audit function.