Access to JUYI from within GHFT requires use of a NHS Smartcard which must have a clinical role assigned.

  • Those roles are: Clinical Practitioner (R8000), Nurse Access(R8001), Health & Care Professionals (R8003), Healthcare Student (R8004), Midwife (R8016) – they must be assigned to the RTE (Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT) Organisation code, i.e. a clinician from another non-Gloucestershire Trust cannot access.
  • For issues relating to your Smartcard / Roles and/or  wider JUYI access queries – please contact the GHFT Helpdesk.

From within Sunrise click the JUYI Icon (third from right)

You’ll be prompted to insert and sign in with your Smartcard (Remember – You must have a Clinical Role associated with GHFT for JUYI to open).

From within the Active Clinical Notes screen in TrakCare, click on the JUYI rainbow icon:

If you need more information to get started, have a look at the troubleshooting guide:

The quick reference guide gives an overview of JUYI and the functionality available