PreRequisites for SWASFT Access to JUYI 

1. You need to be logged in with your NHS Smartcard with a clinical role

2. You need to have the ‘JUYI Launcher’ loaded onto the PC you are using

Check if you have a JUYI Icon on your desktop or see ‘JUYI’ in the Windows Application list


3. Your PC needs a small background program ‘ProteQT’ to be installed that provides authentication between JUYI and your Smartcard.

Check that you have ProteQt installed by clicking the Windows Application list – you’ll find under Quicksilva>ProteQt.

With these 3 prerequisites, you’re good to go – if not contact your local IT Support.

SWASFT Frequent Caller Team How can I start using JUYI?

  • Watch the Training video for a quick overview of JUYI

  • The Frequent Caller Team access is via a JUYI icon on your desktop
  • Only users with clinical codes on their Smartcard will be able to access JUYI.
  • When  logged in with your Smartcard, just click the JUYI icon on your desktop
  • A box will appear and you will need to enter a valid NHS Number and the patients DOB > Go and the patient’s JUYI record (if one is available) will open.