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November 2021

Patient information from the Gloucestershire Out of Hours Service will be available in JUYI from Monday 29th November

All users can now view realtime post-event patient data from the Out of Hours (OOH) service within JUYI.

This includes:

  • OOH care events including appointments in the OOH hubs and home visits.
  • History, Presenting complaint, Diagnosis and Treatments including any medicines prescribed and outcome of each appointment.
  • The free text clinical noting associated with each appointment is also viewable for the first time in JUYI.

October 2021

JUYI now available to Primary Care Practices

The Digital Transformation Team is pleased to announce that Primary Care practices can now use Gloucestershire’s local shared care record, JUYI (Joining Up Your Information), to access a growing range of patient-specific information from across our clinical community.

Note: Only patients registered with a Gloucestershire Primary Care practice, and who have not opted out, will have a JUYI record.

Full details here: How to access Juyi in Primary Care

April 2020

With the appropriate smartcard roles, you can access the SCR-AI for your patient within JUYI.

The first screen has been updated so that you no longer need to select a reason for viewing the record and can just press ‘Continue‘.

July 2019

You can now group data, folding up all repeated entries together, by clicking ‘Group by:’ on the right hand side of the screen and selecting the heading to group by when in detailed view.


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